Amberlite™ FPC11 Na Ion Exchange Resin

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Food-grade, Gel, Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin

Amberlite™ FPC11 Na Ion Exchange Resin is a gel, strongly acidic, cation exchange resin. The gel matrix provides high exchange capacity and excellent resistance to fouling from fermentation products. The resin has excellent physical, chemical, and thermal stability. Amberlite™ FPC11 Na has been designed specifically for the recovery of amino acids such as lysine from various feed stocks and has been widely used in fixed and moving bed systems.

توضیحات تکمیلی

وزن 20000 گرم
ابعاد 450 × 350 × 200 میلی‌متر
ساختار فیزیکی


فرم یونی


Lysine recovery

ظرفیت تبادل یونی (Capacity)

≥ 2.05

نگهداری رطوبت (Moisture Retention)

43 – 47%

اندازه ذرات (Particle Size µm)

600 – 800

محدوده pH

وزن حمل و نقل (Shipping weight g/L)


گروه عاملی

Sulfonic acid

حداکثر دمای کارکرد

ضریب یکنواختی

امتیاز و نظر کاربران

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Amberlite™ FPC11 Na Ion Exchange Resin
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