Amberlite™ FPC88 UPS Ion Exchange Resins

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Uniform Particle Size, Macroporous, Strong Acid Cation Resin for Sweetener Applications

Amberlite™ FPC88 UPS Ion Exchange Resins are uniform particle size, macroporous, strong acid cation resins for use in deashing sweeteners to produce low-conductivity syrups, purifying organic acids, or deashing/demineralizing fruit juices, other beverages, and food additives. The macroporous matrix provides excellent mechanical strength and good operating capacity. Premium-grade Amberlite™ FPA/FPC UPS Resins help decrease operating costs, and help improve plant capacity. These premium resins extend syrup run times up to 25%, reducing downtime and the chemicals spent on regeneration. A simple change to premium Amberlite™ FPA/FPC UPS resins can postpone or eliminate the need for capital expansion. The uniformity of the beads also reduces sweetwater production and rinse requirements after regeneration, possibly reducing wastewater treatment costs. Amberlite™ FPC88 UPS H Ion Exchange Resin is shipped in the regenerated (H+ ) ionic form for deashing processes or to be paired with Amberlite™ FPA22 UPS OH Ion Exchange Resin for mixed bed polishing of corn and starch sweeteners. Amberlite™ FPC88 UPS Ion Exchange Resin is shipped in the most stable (Na+ ) ionic form for long-duration shipments or inventory safety stock.

توضیحات تکمیلی

وزن 20000 گرم
ابعاد 450 × 350 × 200 میلی‌متر
ساختار فیزیکی


فرم یونی


and glycerin deashing Fruit juice deashing Beverage demineralization, Corn and starch sweetener deashing Citric and lactic acid deashing Whey, gelatin

ظرفیت تبادل یونی (Capacity)

≥ 1.7-≥ 1.8

نگهداری رطوبت (Moisture Retention)

46 – 56%- 42 – 50%

اندازه ذرات (Particle Size µm)

550 ± 50

محدوده pH

0 – 14

وزن حمل و نقل (Shipping weight g/L)


گروه عاملی

Sulfonic acid

حداکثر دمای کارکرد

93°C (200°F)

ضریب یکنواختی

امتیاز و نظر کاربران

5 / 0
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Amberlite™ FPC88 UPS Ion Exchange Resins
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