Amberlite™ HPR2900 H Ion Exchange Resin

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Amberlite™ HPR2900 H Ion Exchange Resin Uniform Particle Size, Macroporous, Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin for Industrial Demineralization Applications

Amberlite™ HPR2900 H Ion Exchange Resin is a robust, highquality resin for use in industrial demineralization applications when a combination of exceptional physical stability, simple and reliable operation, and long resin life is required. Its high degree of crosslinking provides exceptional stability, which gives it great resistance to chemical oxidation and to mechanical, thermal, or osmotic stress. The properties of this macroporous resin have been designed for optimal kinetics. Amberlite™ HPR2900 Na Ion Exchange Resin is available for industrial softening or demineralization applications when the sodium-form is preferred by the user.

توضیحات تکمیلی

وزن 20000 گرم
ابعاد 450 × 350 × 200 میلی‌متر
ساختار فیزیکی


فرم یونی


ideally when treating water with: – High oxidant level – High temperature on the cation resin Amine-cycle condensate treatment, Systems requiring exceptionally high osmotic stability Demineralization

ظرفیت تبادل یونی (Capacity)

≥ 1.7

نگهداری رطوبت (Moisture Retention)

50.0 – 56.0%

اندازه ذرات (Particle Size µm)

575 ± 50

محدوده pH

Service Cycle 1 – 14 Stable 0 – 14

وزن حمل و نقل (Shipping weight g/L)


گروه عاملی

Sulfonic acid

حداکثر دمای کارکرد

5 – 120°C (41 – 248°F)

ضریب یکنواختی

≤ 1.10

امتیاز و نظر کاربران

5 / 0
میانگین امتیاز 0 امتیاز و رای
Amberlite™ HPR2900 H Ion Exchange Resin
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