AmberTec™ UP1400 H Ion Exchange Resin

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Uniform Particle Size, Gel, Strong Acid Cation Exchange Resin for Mixed Bed Demineralization Applications for the Semiconductor Industry

AmberTec™ UP1400 H Ion Exchange Resin is a semiconductor-grade, uniform particle size, gel, strong acid cation resin developed specifically for use in producing ultrapure water for the semiconductor industry. It is intended for use in regenerable primary or polishing mixed beds, and it is sold in the fully-regenerated hydrogen form to ensure minimum impurity leakage. AmberTec™ UP1400 H is designed to be paired with anionic AmberTec™ UP4000 OH Ion Exchange Resin or AmberTec™ UP900 OH Ion Exchange Resin for mixed bed applications. AmberTec™ UP1400 H can also be used as the cation exchange resin component of a non-regenerable polishing mixed bed to achieve the lowest possible leakage of ionic species, silica, total organic carbon (TOC), and sub-micron particles.

توضیحات تکمیلی

وزن 20000 گرم
ابعاد 450 × 350 × 200 میلی‌متر
ساختار فیزیکی


فرم یونی


polishing mixed beds, polishing mixed beds Non-regenerable, primary mixed beds after reverse osmosis Regenerable, Regenerable

ظرفیت تبادل یونی (Capacity)

≥ 2.00

نگهداری رطوبت (Moisture Retention)

45.0 – 51.0%

اندازه ذرات (Particle Size µm)

≤ 1.20

محدوده pH

0 – 14

وزن حمل و نقل (Shipping weight g/L)


گروه عاملی

Sulfonic acid

حداکثر دمای کارکرد

5 – 60°C (41 – 140°F)

ضریب یکنواختی

امتیاز و نظر کاربران

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AmberTec™ UP1400 H Ion Exchange Resin
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